39 Steps Coffee Haus – Beautiful Brunch in London

Chocolate Pancakes. Brunch in London. 39 steps coffee haus.

Is there a better way to start the day than with chocolate, flowers, pancakes and friends? If you’re looking for somewhere to brunch in London then look no further than the 39 Steps Coffee Haus. My lovely friend Deyana, who created I’m Moving To London, treated me to a morning here and you have GOT to try their pancakes… ??

39 Steps Coffee Haus. Coffee Shops London. coffee art


It’s called 39 Steps Coffee Haus as there are precisely 39 steps from the bean on the bush to the cup in your hand! Each step is guided by the Coffee Haus. They work with farmers worldwide to ensure the best methods are used at every point of the chain (e.g. picking, processing and storage). This combined with their brewing expertise delivers a deliciously strong, aromatic cup of coffee that aficionados would be pleased with. You can even see a variety of different brewing techniques in action here – Pour Over, Syphon, Chemex and French Press, as well as specials that include hand brews, cold brews, nitro brews, coffee smoothies and milkshakes. Well, if it’s good enough for Prince Ali of Jordan who was spotted enjoying a brew here…

39 Steps Coffee Haus Soho London. Brunch in London


Nestled in the heart of Soho on D’Arblay Street, the café is quite cosy with two wooden booths, a few small tables and bar stools positioned in the windows so you can watch the world go by. Even their branding reflects their coffee obsession with the colours burgundy and oatmeal reflecting the colours in the coffee making process – from cherry to bean.

39 Steps Coffee Haus Soho. Chocolate Pancakes London. Brunch in London

Our 39 Steps Coffee Haus Order

We opted for coffees, the Scrambled Eggs, Poached Eggs on English Muffins with Hollandaise and, of course, the Choco Berry Pancakes!

39 Steps Coffee Haus Menu

Is there anything better than light and zesty hollandaise smothered eggs in the morning?

39 Steps Coffee Haus. Eggs with hollandaise sauce on English Muffins.

… Yes, yes there is. And it comes in the form of chocolate and hazelnut ganache smothered pancakes with fresh berries and edible flowers. ?These were delicious! Light and not too sickly, with the tart undertones of the berries balancing the flavours perfectly. Deyana and I shared this fluffy stack so I will have to go back to devour one all to myself. ?

Chocolate Pancakes. Flower Pancakes in London. 39 Steps Coffee Haus

Writing this is making me so hungry! So I’m off to try and recreate some chocolate heaven at home…



  1. Tony Hackett
    October 20, 2018 / 9:09 am

    If I hadn’t just had a large bowl of porridge … !!!

  2. Macey Gloria
    October 19, 2018 / 5:06 pm

    Oh. my. Lord. Those poached eggs on the English muffins look SO good. Currently at college; it’s 9 am, and this is making my mouth water!! This place sounds dreamy & delicious xx


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