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I’m Kammi, aka The Happy Kamper 👋 

I’ve always loved exploring, and taking photos. My dad put a camera in my hand as soon as I could fathom what it did, and I’m never happier than when I’m behind the lens. BUT, I never end up doing much with these pics! So this blog is a collection of places I’ve enjoyed and want to remember. If this helps you when planning your own adventures, I’d be thrilled! 🤗

I’ve travelled to 46+ countries, lived in 6, and can’t resist going back to places I like again and again (and again!). So I’ve been to the USA over 50 times, and Thailand at least a dozen 🤍

Read on for a bit more about me…

Escape Artist

I grew up as a bit of a nomad living in England, the Philippines, Norway, Germany, Pakistan, the USA and Nigeria, hence the love for travel, and soaking up other cultures (and wine). Living in London is wonderful but I often like to escape the city to visit far flung places, or to explore hidden corners of the beautiful British Isles. Now I’m based in West London with my husband, our blue-eyed cat Alfie, and the flock of parakeets and fluffy foxes that frequent our garden.


Not the naked kind! I’ve lived in lots of cities, but my heart is firmly in the countryside. It may not have the best bars, or the 24-hour food delivery that keeps me alive in London, but there’s green stuff and animals – both of which soothe my soul. I’m probably happiest outdoors – I’ve swum with sharks and sea turtles in the Bahamas, played with wild lion cubs in Africa, had a “pet” moose who decided to live in our garden for a while in Oslo, rescued my puppy from birds of prey in Karachi, and come face to face with a Green Mamba snake in Nigeria (nearly died… me, not the snake). Regardless of where I am in the world, I seem to gravitate towards the natural – places to visit, food or products.


My favourite places and experiences are ideally off the beaten track. Like visiting a private, military-guarded beach in Balochistan (dodgy af but the only beach where you can wear a bikini in an otherwise v conservative Pakistan!), sailing into a shallow Caribbean harbour at night in a lightning storm, hunting for treasure in markets in Nigeria, Thailand or Hong Kong, or doing something as simple as getting up at 4am to wander the streets of my beautiful city at sunrise. Life is the adventure that you make it.

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