The Watermill Caldbeck The Watermill On the final day of our escape to the North, we went to The Watermill Cafe in Caldbeck. It was built in 1702 and has now been converted into a cute little tea-room and restaurant. I would have loved to see how things have changed since then – although one thing’s the same – still no phone signal.

buy Lyrica online europe Usually I start getting withdrawal symptoms when I see ‘No signal’ staring back at me from the top corner of my screen but here it doesn’t bother me. It’s nice to be reminded to focus on the moment sometimes. When I’m back in London, I try and remind myself that the world won’t fall apart if I disconnect and actually do nothing – which I usually feel guilt about doing (or not doing!?).

And it’s great not to be forced to listen to people speaking on their phones for the benefit of the whole room. I once saw some guy on a mobile deliberating at high volume, whether to sell his Ferrari since he now had a chauffeur for his Bentley. Then his phone rang. While pressed up against his face. I’ve never seen anyone turn that shade of beetroot before!

The Watermill Caldbeck

The Watermill Caldbeck I stayed cosy by the stove 🙂

The Watermill Caldbeck

The Watermill CaldbeckThey sell lots of homemade jams, brandy butter and chutneys.

The Watermill CaldbeckAfter brunch, we went for a little walk around the village which helped with my carb coma!

The Watermill Caldbeck The Watermill Caldbeck The Watermill Caldbeck

The Watermill Caldbeck

The Watermill

We then began the trek back to London but something caught our eye as we passed this sign…

M6 motorway

So we went to investigate…

Cumbria March 2014 - 79

Cumbria March 2014 - 81

Poor little moles! Apparently since they wreck the farmers’ lands they catch them then leave them for the crows. I was kinda ready to get back to London at this point!


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